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This page is being updated but will contain details of the upcoming Annual PENG Study Day which will be held on October 2nd 2019 and focus on Home Enteral Feeding, but meanwhile the feedback from PENG's Annual Study Day held on September 26th 2018 which focused on Parenteral Nutrition can be found here.

PENG Study Day September 2018 Feedback

“Very useful day. Excellent for cpd activity, very practical useful day.”
“Thank you to the PENG committee for all that you do!”
“A great event, thank you”
“Thank you for a fantastic day! For me the quality of the speakers, their expert knowledge and evidence presented made for an excellent learning opportunity.”
“Overall it was a fantastic day- thank you!”
“Great speakers, learned a lot. Would suggest a clearer explanation prior to the workshops in future for those less familiar. Thoroughly enjoyed the day overall. It was stuPENGous!”
“Thank you for the session, it was very useful and interesting, and I will be taking the information I have learned and applying it to my practice. It was also a great idea to have a postcard which we write our goals on, as it will give us more drive to complete the tasks!”