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The Virtual HEF Group is an e-mail and web-based forum for discussions about any aspects of home enteral feeding, including (among other interesting topics):

  • Dietetic issues
  • Tube care
  • Stoma care
  • Models of service
  • Commissioning issues
  • Discharge planning
  • Outcome measures

The group is hosted on Yahoo groups and is managed by the BDA specialist group: Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group (PENG). However you do not need to be a dietitian or member of PENG to join the group. The group is open to any healthcare professional who has an interest in home enteral feeding, including support worker level staff such as dietetic and nurse assistants. At present, we do not accept applications to join the group from members of industry e.g. enteral feed or tube manufacturers.

To join the group please follow the instructions, and complete the application form. Please remember you need to register for a Yahoo account before you can join the Virtual HEF Group.

Instructions to join the Virtual HEF Group

  1. If you do not already have a Yahoo account, register for one at Click on Sign in, and choose Create New Account to register. Make a note of your Yahoo username and password, as you will need this to join the group.
  2. Once registered, complete the application form on this page. Please read the Virtual HEF Group terms of reference and code of conduct.
  3. The Virtual HEF Clinical Lead will check the application and send the applicant an invite via e-mail to join the group. The applicant's details will be stored on a database.
  4. On receiving the e-mail invite to join the group the applicant accepts the invitation, follow the link: Join this group!
  5. This will take you to the Virtual HEF Group website.
  6. Before joining the group, sign in using your Yahoo username and password.
  7. When you return to the group website Click on: + Join Group
  8. Complete the 'Join Group' form. Choose a display name that you will be known as on the group (can be your name). You will be assigned a Yahoo alias (e.g. your Ensure you select to receive messages delivered as individual e-mails.
  9. You should now have access to the Virtual HEF Group. Check you can view the previous conversations as individual messages or threads. If there are any problems e-mail the PENG HEF Clinical Lead at
  10. You are now ready to start sending and reading message threads using your designated e-mail address. If you wish to view and/or contribute to historic threads, you need to sign into the Yahoo Virtual HEF Group website at:

Some Trusts block access to Yahoo websites. If yours does follow the instructions below to register on the group and be able to interact with the group using your work e-mail. Once registered you will be able to send/receive messages from the group, but will only be able to access the groups website on your smart phone, tablet or home computer.

  1. Register for a Yahoo account using your home computer.
  2. Complete the registration form above. Include your work e-mail.
  3. An invite will be sent to your work address.
  4. Forward this invite to your yahoo e-mail address.
  5. On your home computer, follow the link to join the group (via your yahoo e-mail account).
  6. Click on 'edit membership'.
  7. Choose to 'edit settings' of the 'Identity'.
  8. Choose to 'add new e-mail'.
  9. Your work e-mail should already be entered under 'manage your e-mail addresses'. If it is not add it. Choose this to be your primary e-mail address.
  10. You will be sent an automated e-mail to your work e-mail address. Choose to confirm that you want to link your work e-mail to your yahoo account. You will now be able to receive and contribute to the Virtual HEF Group from your work e-mail.

Application to join Virtual HEF Group

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By joining the Virtual HEF Group, you agree to adhere to the terms of reference and code of conduct of the group.
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