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Thank you for applying to join the Virtual HEF Group.

Please remember to register for a Yahoo account prior to joining the Virtual HEF Group

You will now receive an e-mail inviting you to join the Virtual HEF Group. Follow the link, and sign in using your yahoo ID and password.

When you have signed in choose 'Join group'.

  1. Complete the ‘Join Group’ form. Choose a display name that you will be known as on the group (can be your name). You will be assigned a Yahoo alias (e.g. your Ensure you select to receive messages delivered as individual e-mails.

    You should now have access to the Virtual HEF Group.

    Check you can view the previous conversations as individual messages or threads.
  2. You are now ready to start sending and reading message threads using your designated e-mail address. If you wish to view and/or contribute to historic threads, you need to sign into the Yahoo Virtual HEF Group site.

If there are any problems please e-mail the PENG HEF Clinical Lead at