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I found the PENG clinical update course an invaluable experience from start to finish. As I had never undertaken a masters level piece of work, I was apprehensive about doing so and the requirements for this. However, the formative pre-coursework and feedback allowed me to refresh my skills prior to attending the residential element of the course and completing the summative coursework.

The residential course was really enjoyable. Having been graduated for 4 years, I felt that this was a great time to attend the course as this allowed me to relate my existing clinical experience to all the various topics presented. I found the critical appraisal lecture and workshop extremely beneficial as I now feel much more confident appraising existing evidence for practice. The fluid and electrolyte lecture and workshop was also very useful as this has helped me interpret biochemistry in more context. It was also very helpful to review current evidence for anthropometry, which has encouraged me to incorporate more aspects of this into my practice. The enteral nutrition skills workshop was brilliant as this allowed me to gain a good insight into the placement and management of enteral feeding tubes. It was also useful to practice the placement of these as this has helped me to empathise more with patients. Throughout it was evident how experienced and knowledgeable all the tutors were, who were also very friendly and approachable.

It was a great week where I learnt a lot of new information, which has made me consider my current practice and inspired me to improve this. It was also really nice to meet other dietitians and share practice and experience.

The post course-work was very useful. Appraising a paper in detail has enabled me to apply the theory learnt during the residential week, whilst the literature review has allowed me to develop my knowledge around an area of great interest. This has also benefited my department through sharing latest evidence.

Overall, I would strongly recommend that any dietitian working in nutritional support complete the PENG course as the skills you acquire and develop are fundamental to continuing professional development and providing a high standard of care to patients.

– Rachel Edwards