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Added: 20th June 2016

Are you participating in the final week's data collection, which is the last one in the first wave of seasonal mass data collection (more dates will be announced for the next wave 2016/17)? Do you know someone who is, is this in a care home or hospital setting? The details about this week and BAPEN's Nutritional Care Tool can be found by accessing the information via

It would be great to hear from you and your experience

Participation in the national nutritional care data collection weeks, one per season in 2015/2016, is helping us to gain a broader picture of nutritional care cross the UK and create a national dashboard.

BAPEN launched this innovative Nutritional Care Tool in June last year which enables organisations to not only measure the nutritional care they provide but also robustly demonstrate both compliance to nutrition-related care regulations and recognise the areas where improvements are required.

The BAPEN Nutritional Care Tool is FREE and has been designed to assist organisations to:

  • Measure the quality of nutritional care that they provide
  • Identify areas of best practice
  • Highlight where variation exists (for example between wards or specialities)

The Tool also contains a ward-to-board dashboard for reporting of nutritional care. If you haven’t signed up to use the Tool yet please do without delay

Look out for details of the upcoming BAPEN Regional study days which will give you the opportunity to hear how others are using this tool - dates coming up include Birmingham July 26th and two at the end of Sept with one being in Bristol and one in London - more details to follow soon.