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Added: 11th September 2015

As you may know BAPEN launched the first Nutritional Care Tool in June this year which enables organisations to not only measure the nutritional care they provide but also robustly demonstrate both compliance to nutrition-related care regulations and recognise the areas where improvements are required.

The BAPEN Nutritional Care Tool is FREE and has been designed to assist organisations to:

  1. Measure the quality of nutritional care that they provide
  2. Identify areas of best practice
  3. Highlight where variation exists (for example between wards or specialities)

The Tool also contains a ward-to-board dashboard for reporting of nutritional care.

As the second step in our launch we are now asking organisations to use the Tool and participate in four separate weeks of data collection 2015/16 mirroring the approach taken in the national screening weeks. The minimum level of participation involves selecting a least one date in each of the four weeks and collecting data on at least four wards on that day. Maximum participation, which will give us a better quality organisational dashboard, involves collecting data on all adult patients on one or more days during each of the four weeks. The weeks that have been identified are:

  • Autumn: week commencing September 21st 2015
  • Winter: week commencing December 14th 2015
  • Spring: week commencing March 14th 2016
  • Summer: week commencing June 27th 2016

If you haven’t signed up to use the Tool yet please do without delay Click here.

We very much hope that many of you will join us on 21st September and help make the data collection a big success.

Kind regards

Anne Holdoway, Chair – PENG and Dr Ailsa Brotherton, Chair – BAPEN Quality Group