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Added: 17th December 2020

The Virtual HEF Group was originally set up by the HEF team in Bristol many years ago. PENG agreed to take over its management, and since then it has been hosted on Yahoo Groups. With over 300 registered members the group has been an important forum for many healthcare professionals with an interest in HEF, with views and resources being shared almost daily. With Yahoo closing its Groups function, we needed to find a new home for the group and have decided to move to be hosted on Basecamp which meets the groups requirements with a few additional functional improvements that should allow the group to continue to flourish, including the being able to view old discussion threads, the sharing of documents and the availability of an app for your smart device.

The Virtual HEF Group is open to any healthcare professional with an interest in HEF. If you wish to join the group please complete the registration form where you will find instructions on how to join and interact with the group. Over 180 current members have already transferred from the old Virtual HEF Group and we welcome new members to join. Please email the PENG HEF Clinical Leads at if you have any further questions.